Whether you are a listed enterprise or a startup company, we can help you with numerous topics, ranging from general tax and accounting issues to specialized issues, such as corporate restructuring taxation and tax consolidation.
Another strength is our ability to provide various services to foreign firms.

Basement Services • Domestic tax advisory
• International tax advisory
• Filing of financial reports and tax returns
• Preparation of filings for depreciable assets
• Preparation of other tax submissions
• Bookkeeping
• Payroll processing
• Year-end adjustments
• Preparation of legal filings
Additional turnkey accounting services • Handling of banking tasks, such as transfers
• Confirmation of inward payments and invoicing
Additional services for Foreign Legal Entities • GAAP adjustments and preparation of financial reports
• Preparation and support of monthly reports
• Translation of financial reports and major appendices to filings
Consolidated tax services • Preparation of consolidated tax returns
• Tax consolidation simulations
• Tax consolidation impact estimation support
Additional services for Listed Companies • Quarterly deferred tax estimation support
• Statutory audit handling and support
• Group restructuring tax advisory
Additional services for Startups • Advice on capital strategies
• Business model validation and support
• Internal processes advisory
• Tax application form preparation for incorporation
M&A Services • Corporate restructuring tax advisory
• Due diligence
• Equity and business valuation
SPC Services • Filing of financial results and tax returns
• SPC accounting (bookkeeping, payment, preparation of reports, etc.)
• Executive dispatch
Individual Tax Services • Preparation of income tax returns
• Preparation of inheritance tax returns
• Inheritance tax planning advisory
• Financial planning services